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Finally something that is SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, and WORKS! It’s like NZT from Limitless, the TV show.

After 25 years, I have finally found something to take the place of Pycnogenol. Day #4 on KETO//OS is AWESOME. Day #7 is even better! Try The 3-Day Sample Order for $15 or 15 days for $85 on my site. You might feel better in an hour… You can be a Customer or Distributor for the same price.

Last Wednesday night (11.18.15), I stumbled getting on stage at BLUES on Halsted. I hurt my left knee BAD, BROKE my right big toe BAD, and hit my chin on the stage dislocating my jaw. I adjusted my jaw before playing the first song, but the rest got much worse. I did NOT take Pycnogenol because had none.

All I did was add a night dose of KETO//OS every night and today, three days later, I am getting back to normal. This has been an awesome experience and I lost 10 pounds, mostly while lying down.

On Thursday (11.26.15), I have recovered dramatically, and I did it all by taking KETO//OS by double dosing. That means an extra packet at night. This looked and felt like 3-4 month injury that has been healed in a week.

Now that I don’t purchase Pycnogenol on a monthly basis, I’m actually saving money and have turned product use into a business opportunity for myself and others. JOIN ME after you’ve finished your 3-Day sample test.

I just past my 75-Day Point and it is AWESOME. I am also down 20 pounds as of 2.11.16. You will love the way you feel.

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Gary’s Webinar with Wendy & Billy: Gary’s Webinar with Wendy & Billy! KETO//OS

I just signed up in a new company with a great product that does lots of things and my sponsor did a webinar for me.

Gary’s Site: Welcome to my Pruvit Page! KETO//OS


Watch Wendy’s Webinar: Watch Wendy’s Webinar! KETO//OS

Testimonials: Watch this amazing video! KETO//OS

5-Minute Info call: Awesome Info! KETO//OS

The Compensation Plan: The Compensation Plan! KETO//OS


Apparent results: Day ONE, I skipped my nap. Day Two, better knees, thank God. By Day Three, I felt really great, then I ran out of my 3 samples. I received my order and felt great again within an hour.

Purchase 3 days of samples for $15 on my site.

Here’s a list of benefits right off the company website!

* Is Nutrient and Energy Dense
* Increases TCA Cycle Efficiency and ATP Production
* Does Not Contain Insulinogenic Compounds
* Will Not Promote Lipogenesis
* Promotes High Nitrogen Retention Protein Synthesis
* Provides Elevated and Sustained High Energy Ketones
* Promotes Sustained Energetics
* Increases Lipolysis for Energy Substrate Utilization
* Promotes Thermogenesis
* Provides Neuroprotection & Increase brain activity
* Promotes Triglyceride Reduction
* Promotes Enhanced Neurological Efficiency
* Helps Reduce Blood pressure
* Promotes Re-balancing of Yeast in Gut (candida)

I will translate this list for the rest of us…

Important info: Read about INFLAMMATION

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