Protandim Testimonials

Protandim Testimonials

I am adding new ones all the time!

Realize that all of us have only been taking Protandim for a short time.

Chuck’s Story: Today I lengthened my cane, my wife sleeps better for the first time in years, and my son’s acne cleared up. Chuck T., Barrington, IL

John’s Story: I heard about Protandim from my Kung-Fu instructor Master Matt Mollica. He had gotten remarkable results in just a few days so he instantly thought of me and my battle with cancer.

After just two days on Protandim, I began to feel better. By the time six days passed my energy levels had increased by nearly 25%! Several people noticed that I looked healthier and that there was more life in my eyes. My horrible skin rash, a side effect of my cancer treatment, is 80% gone now.

New Development! Monday I went in for my check up and they discovered both Cancerous areas that I have, the tumors have decreased in size. The place at the base of my brain and my spinal cord, C1, the cancer areas have gone for about 1 inch across, now they are just little tiny specks about the size of a pencil lead.

The left lung which was about 2 1/2 inches in size, has shrunk to slightly less than a half an inch in size. The doctors are really optimistic. He doesn’t give reports like this often. I went for 3 naps a day to one or two a day. My physical therapy does not tire me out anymore. It has only been one month since I started taking Protandim.

Newer Development! My hair is turning black. I went out to dinner with my family last weekend for the first time in months. My life went from a went from a nightmare to a miracle because of Protandim. John Sprouse, Marysville, Ohio

Master Matt Mollica’s Story: After 2 kidney surgeries last month and feeling as low as I have felt in 20 years, in just 3 days of taking Protandim, I feel completely recovered and even better than before. On Protandim, you won’t be able to tell the end of the week from the beginning. I count on feeling good now. I don’t wait for it.

George B.’s Story: I’m 60 yeard, working in an auto shop doing extremely heavy lifting. The first day I was really tired. The second day using Protandim I was never tired again. Despite the lifting, I feel refreshed and energized. We moved for 5 more days. My general state of being is distinctly better, despite the physical exersion.

New Development! I lost 30 pounds WITHOUT trying. More to come…

Shelley’s Story: My results: More smooth endurance energy, joint pain substantially reduced.Basic upgrade in my mood….. I’ve been more even keel and able to stay focused on projects… even projects I avoid. Best of all, indicating overall physical health–TA DA! My gray roots, are coming in youthful dark brown! Youth returns! This is what I call ANTI-AGING!!!!

New development! I just noticed I am using my reading glasses less. Shelley Amdur, Chicago

Rolando’s Story: My chronic heel pain has stopped on Day #4. That’s it so far. I feel like I have steady energy throughout the day. I am very excited to feel what happens next! Rolando N.

Tom’s Story: Wow! I feel perkier, more chipper, hell better. As the day progressed, I did not believe it. I thought I was just in a good mood. My backache stopped hurting and I can do things that used to bother me like bending over, turning off my computer, and just moving around.

Then I did a some Tai Chi and I felt more alive and balanced. My sciatica is way, way, way better and it’s only Day #5. What’s going to happen next? Tom Wykle

Ken’s Story: I feel like I go into REM sleep and wake up refreshed. There’s no wake up lag time. I just wake up like a
light bulb has been turned on. I can’t even take a nap anymore. This only 3 weeks using Protandim. Protandim is as good as it gets! It’s beyond anything that’s existed before. $40? It’s totally worth it. Ken Rubio, Chicago

Gary’s Story: One month update! My hair which was “white,” is turning dark brown. The color is coming back “most recent to turn grey first.” The first to go grey has not returned to brown yet, but the color is taking over quickly. After being a martial artist for over 35 years, my hands stopped hurting after one month and I can sit on my ankles again.

Now I am wide awake and creative until 3AM. Sleep is over-rated unless you’re waking up every hour. The urinary nightly pit stops have stopped on Day #4. No more aches and pains. They stopped on Day #4. My sleep is heavy and I wake up rested. Creative thoughts are bubbling up instead of dragging.

Hope, excitement, possibilities, people to tell, excitement about feeling good like when I was 30 years old. I’ve said goodbye to cranky, achy, stiff, and sluggish.

I wake up feeling refreshed (I hate that word), perky, enthusiastic, and cheerful about the day. My Tai Chi students have noticed I have not complained about my right knee since Day #4 on Protandim. I have recently started to practice outside at 2AM. Now my body wakes up at 6:30AM with no naps during the day. How strange?

New Development! Recently my edema has DRASTICALLY reduced in my legs from my WPW and I have discontinued my ACE and reduced my Lasix, not to mention I lost 12 pounds, finally. It’s not fat. It’s water.

Newer Development! In August, I dropped 15, no 16, no 17, no 19 pounds WITHOUT TRYING. My goal is 20 pounds. I believe that’s because I was told Protandim works on “The Addiction Centers.” So I took advantage of it. The weight loss did not happen until the third month. My clothes fit way better now, but if this keeps up I will have to buy new belts and pants. Hey hey!

I love SINGLE PRODUCT companies. People only have one SIMPLE decision to make. Yes or No, not what to choose, what combinations, am I smart enough, do I know enough, I have to read… You can even try it WITHOUT becoming a distributor.

Yes or No! PROTANDIM is the most important anti-aging product ever. It’s better than Pycnogenol. It’s the most powerful FREE-RADICAL SCAVENGER ever.

It is only $40 per month. One tablet per day. Feel alive again! Start today!

PROTANDIM is the most powerful Free Radical Scavenger ever created. It kills millions of harmful free radicals every second and will turn your aging clock back to a 20 year old. Request The Anti-Oxidant Myth and I will send it to you NOW!

You can easily purchase PROTANDIM from my site as a Retail Customer or Preferred Customer, one bottle at a time to try it out, like I did. No risk! You can return the empty if you don’t feel better fast. You can even pick it up from me.

Start today. Gary J. Clyman

Barry K.’s Story: He’s sleeping better. with a better mental attitude and outlook. Update! Barry is noticeably more happy. Others noticed it in less than a week. His hair color is turning from white to black.

LL’s Story: After just ONE week, she’s feeling great and got her first period in 11 months.

Colman’s Story: I feel better. Before I took Protandim, my muscles were stand sore. No matter what I did at the health club, steam, sauna, hot tub… it didn’t matter. Even massage only lasted a day. But after taking Protandim, I began to feel more flexible, pain free, and 10 years younger.

Elizabeth B.’s Story: Yesterday I lifted heavy boxes for 8 hours. Not sore. Not tired. No muscle tightness, no swollen hands, and no thumb arthritis does not hurt.

Dimitri’s Story: I took 2 yesterday and 2 today and I feel like I can jump off a cliff and fly. Day 3, Where’s a building for me to jump over?

Sheila L.’s: Day #3, her bad knee hurt less. She completely cleaned her garage from top to bottom on Day #4. More to come…

Connie L’s: Has MS since 1990. On Day #2 I am awake and moving. I am feeling great for the first time. I am getting things
done, moving better and accomplishing paperwork, bills, phone calls, and cooking and eating well, not just simple and lazy food… No restaurant can compare to this. This has all happened on the first day!

This is way better than Pycnogenol, which I’ve been using since 2005. It is wonderful to be up and doing things. Thank you!

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